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The classic QL17 rangefinder under the Canonet series refined to its finest: the G-III series.


The Canon G-III comes equiped with a super sharp 40mm f1.7 lens with a minimum focusing distance of 80cm. Other features include:

  • Automatic Exposure with Manual over-ride
  • 0.6x Rangefinder/Viewfinder with parallax compensating frameline
  • Leaf shutter with speeds ranging from 1/4th to 1/500th (flash sync at all speeds)
  • Metering range of 3.5 to 17 at ASA 100
  • ISO film speeds of ISO 25 to ISO 800
  • Quick Loading film feature (magnetic clasp for easy film leading)
  • Weight of 624g

Canon G-III QL17 Rangefinder

    • Flat shipping rate of SGD$3.99
    • Comes with tracking number (Door-step delivery)