Are the film cameras brand new?

Nope. The film cameras are not brand new because they all have their origins dating back to the 1900s. So in that sense, all the film cameras available are in "used" condition, but don't worry about that because they are all carefully sourced and only those in good condition are on sale. *Good condition states that all the film cameras will:
- Be fungus, scratch and haze-free in areas such as the viewfinder, camera mirror and glass elements of the lens - The light meter of the camera is in working condition (subjected to camera) - All physical functions will be working

Do all the films have 36 exposures?

Yes! Unless otherwise stated, all the films in store are only 36-exposure films. *I understand the expense that comes with developing, so I wouldn't want to sell you a 24-exposure film when I wouldn't use it in the first place.

Is there any refund or return policy or warranty for the film cameras?

Unfortunately, we don't provide refunds or returns here. But fret not! If in any case you're worried about the physical or working condition of the camera, I am open to physical meet-ups too; in that way, you can check on the camera when we have a personal touch-point :) *And you save on the shipping fees too!

When do the films expire?

All films will come with an expiry date that is at least 9 months, but most films are typically 1 year and beyond.

How do I store my films?

It is generally recommended to store your films in low temperatures and in a dry environment to slow down the degradation of the film. But most importantly, remember to use the films before their expiry dates, unless you're looking to emulate a expired film look.


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